Convert german CD to American CD

how to convert German CD to American?

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You’re going to have to give us a little more to work on here. What exactly is on the disk? Is this just audio, or is this a video cd or have you misspoken, and this is actually a dvd-video?

If it is a dvd-video, and it is commercially made, you have two problems facing you. One is that Germany is in a different region than the US, and you’ll have to remove the region code. That is not hard using any modern dvd decryption program, for example AnyDVD or DVDFab. If you make a copy with them, the copy will not have region restrictions. The second problem is much more difficult, as you have to change the encoding standard from PAL to NTSC. This means reencoding the video.

Before going any further though, I’d like you to clarify exactly what you have.

It is a recent German CD with Photos taken by an indididual

If the photos are simply on the disk as data, then there should be no problem playing them in any computer. Any half way competent picture viewer can do this, including the ones built into MS Windows, Linux or Mac OS. The individual may have included captions in German, but you should still be able to see the pictures.

In other words, there is no special format for Germany that cannot work in American computers to view data on a cd. If you want to make a copy, that process is no different than copying any data disk. Either drag and drop the contents, or make an ISO using ImgBurn and then burn the resulting ISO to a blank disk.

If the pictures have been made into a dvd slideshow, then you might run into problems with PAL vs NTSC when playing on a stand alone player. On a computer it would play with no problems using any media player with dvd support…like VLC media player.

A video [B]cd[/B] slideshow should be playable on any computer also. If the pictures have been made into a slideshow, use ImgBurn to make an ISO and burn it that way when you copy the disk.

On the off chance that what you are asking for is a [B]translation[/B] program, I got nothing.