Convert from DVD to AVI



I wonder whether any software can read standard DVD, then record a portion of the film as AVI without using video capture card, hence preserve the quality. I need to combine portions of various DVD’s to a single DVD

Thanks for your input.


I think about the closest thing you will find that will work for you is either dvdshrink, or something like womble mpeg wizard. You need something that does not re-encode the video. This will not give it to you as avi though. You could also use the semi-pro softwares like vegas or adobe, which will allow you do take the file in the dvd format, and bring it in and edit it. You can set options in these programs to not re-encode the already encoded video.


If you want to save as AVI, use AutoGK, or Super…
If you want one MPG file use VOB2MPG…


Sorry for the confusion. I need a software that can crop a portion of an existing DVD, convert to AVI so that I can recombine with other AVI files and make a DVD using my existing Studio10. Of course, I can easily play the DVD, capture the scene using my capture card, but I am afraid I will lose some the quality by doing so.

Thank you in advance.