Convert FLV to MPG

I have an FLV file I want to convert to MPG so I can get it into VideoReDo. I have the latest Riva Encoder but it chokes on the file (which plays fine in FLV Player but not Riva’s player). FLV Extract works fine on the file, converting it to an AVI that opens fine in most of my players (now that I’ve got ffdshow configured correctly).

I know of no other way to convert FLV to mpg.

If there’s no other way, can someone recommend a good, simple way to convert the AVI to MPG? I’m not very knowledgeable about video conversion and I want something simple that will keep the video as close to the original quality as possible (if it makes a difference, audio is not a factor as I’m just worried about the video), as well as output something VideoReDo will open.

No offense to your “VideoReDo”, but what you need is a full-featured editing tool that will import the files you want to use and convert them to MPEG in the editing process. Many such tools exist. Some will use flv, others will only use swf, some use both. Most all of them will use an AVI, if its a standard AVI.

Er, I know, that’s what I was asking for. VideoReDo is an mpg-1 and mpg-2 video editing tool, I want to convert my file to one of those formats so I can edit it with VRD.

Try Total Video Converter

I´ve just this minute converted a 1 minute 1.2MB FLV to 3.68MB MPEG2 with Super
Standard settings …worked fine and took about 15 seconds!

The easy way to convert flv to mpg/mpeg/avi/mov…but not any tool can solve the audio synch problem in output files, so you not only need a flv converter, but also I have bought the Moyea flv to video converter to do it, it help me convert On2 vp6 video FLV, Nelly Moser audio FLV, FLV to avi file, i think that meets your needs,you can free trial it,
flv to video converter
Hope you will enjoy it.

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