Convert .flv file to MPEG4

I want to burn a dvd from a flash video file so I can play it on my SONY Bluray. Apparently, I have to convert it to MPEG 4. How do I do this?:confused:

try to google…

you can use convertxtodvd to convert .flv to MPEG2 DVD
you can play DVDs on your bluray, can you!!

I found and downloaded flvtoavi software by Pazera. It works great, and I can play converted flv files on Windows Media Player; but when I try to play the disc on SONY BluRay, it indicates that this is a data disc and nothng happens. It looks like I’m 3/4 of the way toward success. Any suggestions?

You most likely will have the “Author” the mpeg2 files so that they look like a DVD to the BD player…

Being relatively new at this, I’m not familiar with the concept of authoring. Could you elaborate for me?

You will need to get a program like Ulead DVD Movie factory or the like, load the mpeg2 files into that, add any titles and then burn to DVD.

Free trial download from here.

All set. Thanks for the help. It works!