Convert files using Tunebite

I notice a lot of people talk about songs that are purchase and downloaded can have the DRM removed.

Can tunebite remove the DRM that you don’t have a license for. For instance some sites let you transfer music to your Mp3 player without downloading.

I know I can transfer the song form my Mp3 to Windows Media Player but it not play, I will get a message to license the content.

Will I be able to use Tunebite to convert that music file that I transfer to removed DRM protected music so I can play it.


could you elaborate on that?I don’ t quite get the part with the mp3 player.As far as I know if you don’t have a license you can’t even get that file to work on the mp3 player.What kind of sites are those you are referring to?
As for Tunebite, the answer is no;you cannot convert with it drm’ed files that you have not purchased and do not have the license for.

You have answerd my question, Thank you.

Yes Rhapsody will let you tranfer songs to the Mp3 player without the license, if you’re under the Rhapsody To Go monthly subscription

Thanks again

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