Convert every format - free application!

Sounds too good to be true…free as well…! :clap:
Quote from the site:

"SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer.
A GUI to ffmpeg, MEncoder, mplayer, x264, mppenc,
ffmpeg2theora & the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn.

If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file,
without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER © is all you need.
It is a Multimedia Encoder and a Multimedia Player, easy-to-use with 1 simple click.

SUPER © is a totally FREE Multimedia software application
It plays & converts very fast full length movies
to any other format without any time or function limitation.

SUPER © can also play and save ( mms:// rtsp:// http:// )
Internet Media Streams found by many search engine…"


Read about it here


I’ll definitely give it a look. Thanks much for posting.

EDIT - Hey - is there some kind of direct download link or something? All I seem to get on that page is a ton of advertiser stuff.


Searched Usenet - this thing is apparently a red herring. Sends you on a wild goose chase just to try to find it, all the time being redirected to more advertiser heavy pages.

Did you test this thing before you posted?

Me too. Just cut the address bar back to the home page and the download page is there.

I can’t seem to get it to work. Could you please provide a direct link to the download?

I must be missing something mentally - I’m kinda tired I guess, what with all this audio converting and stuff I’ve been doing tonight.

I have got to find a way when copying files from the MAC to the PC to get it not to put those .DS.STORE type files on the HD…


Me too. Just cut the address bar back to the home page and the download page is there. ie==cut address to

and it will open to

Thanks - Mine did not cut to the HOME.HTML page.

At least that got me started down a path that got me to the downloads at the bottom of a page somewhere.

Man - what a total hassle! Why do they make it so darn difficult to download? They also warn you not to download it from any other place. It has to be some kinda advert scam, even if the software don’t suck.

When the download is done, I’ll do a test install and see if it goes boom. :slight_smile:

Edit - Bah - screw it. I install the thing and it says I need to go download a bunch of other files to view and convert stuff.

I give up.

Had exactly the same hassle finding the download. Eventually…after about six tries with and without DAP…worked with a straight download from the bottom of

Set-up was fine, then did a test run with a file from one of those popular online show-yer-own video websites, format FLV —> 3GP, dragged it to my mobile phone, and played perfectly.

@Beardedkirklander: Yeah…I was asking myself the same questions…still, it worked and my oversensitive system protection hasn´t complained yet.

Thanks for the follow-up. I’ll try it again later in the week when my mind is clearer and my frustration level lower. :slight_smile:

If it can convert Real Media and QuickTime and all that, it might be worth messin’ with.

thanks :slight_smile:

I´ve just fired off an email, expressing our concerns about the strange behaviour of their stuff. Let´s see what they have to say.

Try this:
Works good, I’d been using CloneDVDmobile for ipod conversion but it wouldn’t convert my camcorder avi files to ipod, so I tried Super. Worked without a hitch.

:doh: Hey ricobaby…I tink it´s da same stuff we are on here :iagree:


Yeah, but some people seemed to have a problem with the last link, thought I’d give them an alternate, deanimator honey. :kiss: Use the mirror if the first gives you a problem.

This should work also.