Convert DW1620 to EW1621

Can the DW1620 in an external USB 2.0 case be converted to a EW1621 with a CVT file?

If so can you direct me to it


According to Simongary see post #52 in thread :
“1620 does not work with external enclosure!!”
First download the EW162I firmware from the Benq site, second find someone that can convert the EXE in CVT format (I think you are able to do by yourself, I have the V. 47I9 converted but now is available the 47L9 so could be better to convert the latest) and last use a CVT flasher to flash the firmware, I used the dos flasher but I think also the windows CVT flasher should work.

I ran a 1620 in a firewire/USB external encloure, I had no problem with firewire, but as a lot of people have said, it did not work via USB

The problem is: which bridge-chip your external enclosure adopted?

We had successfully converted an DW1600 to EW162I and vice versa,
with the dirve located outside the computer via a external IDE-to-USB cable called “R-Driver”, which adopted bridge-chip: GL811E-02.

You can download the needed files here:

The link above is broken?
And how do I determine which Bridge-chip my external enclosure adopted?
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The labelling on the chip IC should tell you.

Version 47N9 came out but no CVT file. What you can do is use V 47I9 CVT to flash it. Then flash with normal V 47N9.

I am using the 1620 in an enclosure firewire/usb combo with 1620 FW (B7V9) and it works fine. The 1620 will not work with Cypress chip unless you use EW1621 FW. My enclusure uses Ali chip for USB and Oxford chip for firewire. I do not get 16X read speed on my drive so I am gonna flash it to EW1621 FW to see if it can get up to 16X transfer rate. Will update on this

I have tried this and it’s nogo on a Oxford 911 enclosure… :sad: Can’t burn anything above 12x and transfer speed never reach higher then 14x.

Regarding 162I .cvt file, just download 47L9.cvt from here and then flash in windoze with 47N9. :smiley:

Please refer to the “The Big External Case” thread. All this information with great detail has been addressed before…

Where chipset use this external ide to usb converter??

Thanks all :slight_smile:

You mean the one in the picture, its mentioned in the post.

which adopted bridge-chip: GL811E-02

agreed, no go on Oxford 911, tried to update firmware but no prevail

@ energy1959, using google gives you most of the answers… :stuck_out_tongue:

GL811E-0X is a Genesys chipset