Convert DVD with subtitle stream to DivX with same subtitle stream(selectable)

Hi folks,

I am new in here so bear with me… I simply want to convert my DVD movies to DivX format whilst maintaining the capability of subtitles ie maintaining the subtitles stream (english for hard of hearing). I think I can muddle through and say get a DivX format movies which say has subtitles “hard burned” into the video stream hence unable to turn them off. [I am partially hearing so sometimes I need them other times I do not hence the dilemna].

Only other solution is possibly … is there any software that basically copies a DVD onto a PC such that …
(1) the space saving benefits of VOB/MPEG2 to DivX 6.5 are maintained
(2) Convert audio stream to mp3 (using LAME codec)
(3) preserve subtitles (english) stream in final processed DivX file whilst remaining selectable.
(4) Maintaing overall structure of the original DVD ie menu screen/play movie/extras in the final DivX “cut”

If DivX 6.5 simply does not support a subtitles stream then I am screwed really unless there is a “supported” standard out there that is maintained by standalone DivX players etc (no need to worry about old DivX DVD players).

Just that I am simply trying to make up some space by putting my movie collection on hard disk and putting the dvds in storage.

Hope you can point me in the right direction…


PS I am aware of something called vobsub with a directshow filter which may in the end not help me as I may not be able to turn on/off the subtitles in my final DivX conversion. [AVI format as I am aware (NOOB talking!) is an audio/video interleave format hence where are the subtitles gonna fit in???

Aparently this can convert dvds with subtitles.

Selectable. You cant do that. English only can do.

Sorry id33k … cannot see anything that will “handle” my subtitles problem.

:-\ !!!


Here’s what I would suggest:

Get a DVD player that can play DivX and can show subtitles in SRT and SUB format… and before purchase make sure that the font is readable (oftentimes font size built in standalone players is ridiculously small on the TV screen - literally unreadable)

Rip DVD to your hard drive with DVD Decrypter

Use SubRip to convert bitmap subtitles from DVD into SUB or SRT format. You will need to “teach” it which subtitle character means which letter (it’s basically OCR) but it’s pretty fast.

Use AutoGordianKnot to encode decrypted content into DiVX or XVID - this is easy, basically just select whether you want movie size to be 700 MB or 1400 MB (fit on 2 CDs) and let the program worry about the rest - it’s good at what it does :slight_smile:

Note: I hope you have relatively recent PC - anything above Athlon 1800 XP will work pretty good, but dual-core system would be like a dream-come-true. Faster processor and faster memory = faster process. I remember I started ripping on Athlon 1GHz with 512 MB of SDRAM-100 and it would last whole night. On modern core2duo processors you can rip and encode into XVID in less than 2 hours, in a background (while you use SUBRIP to rip subtitles in the same time).

Give same name (just different extension) to the SUB/SRT subtitle and AVI movie. Put them in a folder together - one movie = one folder.

Put as many folders as can fit on your DVD+R, burn with Nero and insert into standalone DVD player. Use “subtitle” button on your DVD player’s remote control to turn subtitles on or off.

You won’t be able to keep chapter structure, but you can use FastForward or Rewind button on your remote… some DVD players also provide “jump to time” option.

You can download all the programs I mentioned here at

All of this programs are free to download and use (except Nero, hehe). At Doom9 you will find many useful tips about the process, and they also have very experienced rippers in their Forum.

Good luck and happy ripping! :slight_smile:

So why should he rip subs manually (even having to do OCR) when AutoGK can do them on-the-fly as external subs while encoding the movie? Current standalones play idx/sub just fine and since they are bitmaps display with proper resolution.

Main reason:

What you’re saying is true, but I prefer the way SUBs look compared to IDXs when I watch video on PC… prefer it by a landslide.

I’m now using KMPlayer (switched from BS Player) and these SUB/SRT subs are big (as big as I want), clear, readable - perfect. I set font to Verdana in size 32 (on 17 inch CRT). Scaling to your preferred size is just click away, which (I think) isn’t the case with IDX/SUB subtitles (I think they are fixed-size, at least I can’t make them bigger).

I also have a personal reason:

My family has one of the early model DivX/DVD players that has tiny built in font … which additionally doesn’t even support our codepage (Central European) so diacritics are a problem. We don’t use it much for the movies though - it’s mostly used as a MP3-CD player.

If I want to watch a movie in a living room, I make a SUB and then hard-code it into a movie - with huge font size (Arial 28 or Verdana 30-32) so we can watch it like it was broadcasted on TV - with biiiig, clear, easily readable subtitles.

DVDFab Platinum can go direct from a DVD to a hardsubbed video, if you use the options for “portable”.

Choose the Generic option, you’ll have to configure things for the video and audio settings to match what your player can handle. It defaults to H.264 and copying the audio. I changed it to Xvid (or was it Divx?) and MP3 in an AVI file with the subpicture rendered direct to video. Most Divx DVD players will also play Xvid encoding.

I tried SubRip but this particular DVD has subs in several fonts, special characters and graphics and even titles set at angles. DVDFab Platinum is currently chewing away, doing a 2-pass conversion to 320x240 with Japanese audio so I can watch it on my RightWay RW200 GPS. It runs Windows CE 5.0 and has a video playing program that groks Divx/Xvid and some other codecs. :slight_smile: