Convert DVD to mpeg

Dear experts,

I am in the process to put all audio/video files we have to our new multimedia server (reason: online access in the whole network, no more data loss due to lost/scratched DVDs, etc.). To achieve that I must convert the DVD files into mpegs. This normally works very well, but some DVDs pose problems.

I tried different combinations anyDVD/movavi-converter, anyDVD/DVDshrink, ripit4me/DVDdecrypter,but I cannot get another language than English from multi language DVDs. Changing anyDVDs setting to region2/German does not change anything.

Who can help me ?

Best REgards

DVD’s are mpegs. Now, what particular type of video and audio encoding and file extension do you require to be the output file?

DVD video can contain various mpeg variations, mostly they contain mpeg2 video.

many thanks for your quick replies. Maybe I did not express myself clearly: I want to convert the *.vob-files to *.mpgs. As I said, sometimes movavi works well sometimes it produces, quote “unknown errors”.

Any ideas ?

Best Regards George

Use Vob2Mpg. It is free, fast and will not degrade quality of the video.

many thanks for your tip with Vob2mpeg, it really works very well, even better than the commercial program movavi. :clap:

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