Convert DVD to Mpeg

Hi I am a newbie and clearly pretty hopeless as i have a LG-RC.7723W and i have some home movies on video cassette which i have made intro DVD’s using this model but I want to convert the DVD into MPEG so I can email and post the movies online.

Sounds simple but I have tried every possible download option to convert the video files into Mpeg but it just does not seem to be working as when I convert the DVD and then try and play the movie it either just does not play, just plays the sounds or does not recognise the file.

I have done everything from creating a file for the movie and a file for the sound etc but it still will not work.

I don’t know if there is a way when i create the DVD using the LG-RC.7723W that i need to choose another format (currently just wacking the video in and copying to the DVD) or is there a simple online program someone can suggest that does this or have any idea what i am doing wrong?

I have done a search but cannot find a thread for this but if there is one that someone can direct me to fantastic.


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Could you tell us which ‘MPEG’ you want to have as the end result?

[li]MPEG1 (ie Video CD (VCD))
[/li][li]MPEG2 (ie DVD-Video or Super VCD)
[/li][li]MPEG4 (numerous varieties such as XviD, DivX, (.avi), .mp4, x264)

HI,guys,you should kwon that is outside the law.but if you insist on it,this may help you.

I have using ones dvd ripper tools like named moyea dvd ripper,you can google or yahoo it.

Hope it can help youL)
Good luck:)

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Thank you for letting us know. We don’t want to do anything that is outside the law. :slight_smile:

It should be simple to do it, you might be using the wrong software? I found [B]MEncoder[/B] works the best to convert DVD into MPEG, for email or posting movies online.
Not that I would ever email or post movies on line. :slight_smile:

[quote=jiet;1967114]HI,guys,you should kwon that is outside the law…[/quote]There is nothing illegal about posting home movies on-line. We would appreciate it if you you would leave the moderating of threads to the staff.

I think I want it to be either MPEG Video or AVI video basically something I can email for people to view. Trust me they are just home movies as i am having enough dramas just trying to convert those without trying copyrighted movies. I will try the links suggested to the DVD ripper.

Thanks for your help.