Convert DvD to hard drive



Is there anyway to convert/add the files on a VSO burnt dvd to your hard drive, i deleted the .avi files on my hard drive assuming i could get them back from the dvd… I would really like them available on my hard drive so i can convert them to .mp4 for my ipod.
Any ideas?? Thanks, Mitch


DVD disc is simply a data disk with all needed files inside video_ts folder.
Just copy that folder to HD.


if i copy the folder to my HD what can i do with it? all the files are .vob files or BUP or IFO files… i can’t play any of them on my computer let alone convert them to .mp4. I’m asking is there a way to convert them back to a playable video format like mpeg, avi, wmv, etc…?


That folder contains playable files.
You just need program that can play DVD, like PowerDVD etc.

Any decent mp4 converter should allow you to load vobs as they are mpeg2-stream.
If your converter does not recognize vobs, you can rename vobs to mpg.


ah k… thanks