Convert DVD so that I can edit it?

I am stuck. I purchased a VCR and DVD combo unit so that I could transfer my home movies from my VCR to DVD’s. I did this and all worked fine. Now when I put the DVD into my computer so that I can edit it with either iMovie or Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, I get the message from each of the softwares that they don’t recognize the format. The format is typical DVD which is VST. When I open the DVD they have all of the VST files. Can anyone tell me what I need to do or what software or process is needed so that I will be able to edit my home movies on my computer? Thanks

I have completly different hardware and a different setup :bigsmile: but I had a simular problem. I had a Phillips DVR-75 recorder and seperate VCR and setup to record VCR tapes to DVD then I was going to edit the DVD on my PC but none of the copy programs or DVD Shrink could reconize the dvd. Here is what I ended up doing.

1.) Copy VHS tapes onto DVD+RW using stand alone recorder.

2.) Put DVD+RW into PC drive and run DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. This will create a DVD image of the disc on the hard drive that contains a single VOB file.

3.) Pull in the DVD on the hard drive into my editing software.

4.) Edit the movie and save the image in ISO format

5.) Burn the image with Nero onto a DVD+R

6.) Erase the DVD+RW and use it for the next VHS tape.

Hope this helps. I am sure others will come along to help you more. I was copying tapes from high school plays from VHS onto DVD and trying to clean up the audio and video during the process. It did work but it was very time consuming. :sad: