Convert DTS Audio with CloneDVD



I have been given a DVD movie which only has a DTS audio stream.Is there any way Clone DVD or any other software that can convert the audio to some other mode as My stand alone DVD player cannot play DTS.Thanks


Yes, but you would have too re-author the DVD, if you are happy with doing that I can explain how to convert it too 2-channel MPEG-2/AC3/WAV audio.

Ben :slight_smile:


Hi Ben
Yes that would be great if you could show me how to convert DTS audio.


Hi Ben,

I would be very pleased to learn how to convert DTS Audio.

Any help is welcome.


I misunderstood your question in the other thread…sorry

I believe there might be a guide here somewhere.

Ben doesn’t come around much anymore.


yes its a re author job it seems…having said that ive seen some clever stuff whereby you can change and alter parts of dvd obviously unprotected ones…not sure if its mac only…but ive got some weird app thats lets you alter bits…the othere way is the long route…ie rip out dts track ( using dvd audio extractor…or smartripper and just pulling out the audio track,cleaning up the data crap using tmpeg resaving as clean dts file…ten an app that reads dts file and saves ut as pcm,ac3,wav.i guess you want it in surround ot two channel you didnt say…if surround then its dts to aac3 encode…oh what h, trying to thnk if it can be done in one hit ot separated into 6 very large mono wav files (you gt lots of drive space?? hope so…as you nedd to recombine them into making the dolby ac3 file…then its multiplexing that audio with the video…so the video stream needs to be ripped too…ok dvd video has 'vob# files (video objects) its a chain of a few so one video can be in bits eg vts01_1.vob,vts 1_2.vob,vts01_3.vob something like that…so all those vobs are going to have to be one long mpeg2 file (which is what a vob is really) so that the audio can be added to it…and hopefully be in synch too…do a preview test make sure it looks right…render that lot together…ie go.


and load that into a dvd authoring package…hmm what about chapters?


cant you just play the dvd on yer pc with a player that decodes dts? wouldnt that be easier?