Convert divx to dvd or not


I have a video file in divx format and I own winavi.

My dvd player plays divx so I don’t have to convert it.

My question is that provided that the quality of the divx is average, if I convert it to dvd files (using winavi) and burn it to a dvd, am I gonna get better quality than the divx or not?

I heard that in each conversion I lose quality, but I want to be sure, thanks.

It depends. :wink:

What is the current resolution of the DIVX video?

If it’s 640/720 x 480, it should convert OK assuming you use proper settings in the conversion. If it is movie-length, then you need to watch the bit rate on the conversion, or create a high-bit rate MPEG2 and then shrink that down to DVD5 size.

There’s no compelling reason to convert it though, unless you just want to have a more compatible disc in the future.

You are correct that with each conversion there is some quality loss. Depending on which conversion you are doing, the quality loss can be a little, or it can be a lot. As long as your player handles divx, I would leave it alone. If you want to play it on your pc, you can download a divx codec (if you need one), for free. If you are sharing legal files with family or friends, you may want to convert to mpeg2. Unless they are playing the dvd on HD or big screen tv, it is unlikely that any of them would notice the difference in quality.

Thanks for replies. The file is legitimate and I am thinking of converting it as it would be playable to all dvd players. Also winavi conversion is including AC-3, which can enhance the sound a bit.

The current resolution is:


Width 720 pixels
Height 540 pixels


Duration 0:59
Bit Rate 123kbps
Audio format MPEG Layer-3


Frame rate 25 frames/second
Data rate 199kbps
Video sample size 24 bit
Video compression DivX® Codec

I think I’d leave it alone, or at least keep the DIVX copy for watching. It appears to have originated as PAL. So if you’re converting to PAL, it’ll wind up better than if your converting to NTSC. Again, assuming you can convert it with a decent bit rate it will convert pretty well. I’ve converted smaller res MPEG4 than that and had “watchable” results, but they were under 1 hour so I was able to use a high bit rate.