Convert DAT-files in SEGMENT dir to jpeg again

Hi all,

One of my friends made a mistake ( don’t know what ).
She made a backup of her pics to a CD.
On this backup she does not have her jpg’s anymore but a directory structure that resembles a VCD.
You have the dir’s CDI,EXT,MPEGAV,SEGMENT and VCD.
All her jpeg’s are converted to DAT-format and placed into the segment dir.

How can I convert those DAT’s back to jpeg or something else, so that my friend does not loose her precious pics from her new born baby?

Sven Peeters

There are a couple things you could try.
Use VCDGear and do a Dat>MPEG conversion, then drop your MPEG file into VirtualDub and save the MPEG as an Image Sequence (This will take up a lot of space… approx 1MB per frame), then select the pictures you want to keep from the numerous files generated.

If the DAT files are just one picture that take up several seconds of video, you can use the above method, but just mark an in and out per DAT file to save just one frame. Either way it will take some time.

Hi Icemokka,

You could convert the dat file to Mpeg with one of the various freeware packages available on the Web and then “Extract” each picture as the mpeg file plays in “one of several” video processing softwares which are available on the Web and include this “Extraction” facility.

No, I tried that but cannot convert .dat to mpeg.
It says it finds no stream, wath freeware should I use.

PS : forgot the name of the one I tried …

Dear friend

If you burn a VCD-Slideshow, all pictures are converted to the

If you want to have them back as jpeg-files, please continue as

Before you watch the clip with Nero ShowTime press “Ctrl+C”. Open the
folder ‘General’ and then the subfolder ‘Capture Frame’.
On the right side you can choose the options for the capturing.

Please choose for “Capture to…” the option “Clipboard”. For “Captured
aspect ratio” choose the option “Original video source size”

Start the clip and when the problem happens, press “C”.

You have actually created a snapshot of your current screen display.
Windows will not give any options; the snap shot is currently saved in
the Windows clipboard.

Launch Microsoft Paint (Start>All Programs>Accessories (utilities)
In Paint click on “Edit” and select “Paste”, the screen shot will
display in the Paint window.
Click on Save as , name the file and choose .JPEG as the format in the
pull down menu.
The picture will be automatically saved to the folder My Pictures
located in My Documents.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Best regards,

PLEASE HELP! I recently travelled to India and while there a friend burned all my photos from the first half of my trip to cds from my digital camera. He saved all the photos in .dat format and now I can’t open any of them or do anything with these files. I am desperately trying to see my pictures again. Can anyone tell me how to turn these .dat files into JPEGS or anything else that I can view?

Please help… Thanks!!!

Thank you so very much for the info SUKHWANT DHARIWAL I just saved 60 wedding photos. I used the Nero show time as you suggested and found I could pause, right click , save frame and then copy to paint !! Worked a treat Thank you so very much