Convert CD to DVD?

I tried to search this forum for answers but only got a blank page. My problem is I’ve made a CD slideshow that I want to distribute to about 50 club members. I burned it on HP lightscribe disk using Nero 7. It only plays in about 1/2 the DVD players I try it in. I’m wondering if I’d have better luck burning it to a DVD? Will it play in more DVD players or not? How would I convert it? Or can I simply burn the CD to a DVD? I can’t make another from scratch as it took me about 50 hours of work to get it burned to a CD.

Welcome to the forum. You would have to author your pictures to a dvd. Most newer video editing applications will handle this fine. The software treats the pictures like a video, and makes your finished product much more compatible with set top dvd players.I have used Ulead Video Studio, it will let you import photos, and choose background music and transitions, and you can customize your menus as well. If you want the most compatible disc this is the way to go. One thing to remember is that you still need to save a backup of your pictures, as converting them to video will leave you unable to print a quality photo from that dvd.

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Read the following for any conversion you would like to make.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’ll have to start over with DVD software and redo the entire thing. Seems the most compatible way to do it.