Convert cd/mp3 to have 5.1 sound


does anyone know if it’s possible to convert an audio cd or mp3 with stereo sound into a file with 5.1 surround sound and play it on a dvd player. If so could you tell me the software I would need.


I’m not sure you can, mp3 and audio cda (wav) are already encoded at a bitrate with lower quality to start with. Mp3 is a lossy compression, too much artifacts even at high encoding I’d think.

If anybody else has ideas, I’d be interested in hearing more about it.

so i guess it’s not possible to convert a stereo cd to 5.1 dts cd. oh well :frowning:


Personally, I go for Vorbis OGG but my MP3 player doesn’t like it :frowning:

Not really…anyone who has a 5.1 surround system should be able to use the 5ch dolby pro logic output option (simulated surround) thus there is no reason to do it won’t sound any different.

Wavs are 44.1, 16 2 track, DVD Video (Audio) is 48, 16 1-6 tracks…so it really isn’t a much higher bitrate and 99% of DVDV (Audio) is AC3 (compressed like an MP3 but the VBR goes up to 650kbps instead of 300kbps).

But DVDV (Audio) 5.1 or THX (6) etc. do not convert 2 tracks, they work with the original tracks which can be 128 or more. Where you’re working with 2 tracks.

Yes you can convert a 1 track mono wav into 2 tracks, won’t sound any differnt because you don’t have the original tracks to begin with.

Think of the original tracks as “source codes” and a 2 track PCM or 5.1 AC3 as a “compiled EXE” that’s the best way to explain it.

DVD Audio (DVDA) IS 98, 24 1-6 tracks, though no one uses 1 track mono and none use 6 (THX) for audio…most are mastering DVDA in 5.1 you can compress down to 44.1, 16 2 track but you cannot go up :frowning:

my point…is if your are starting from mp3…at 128 or higher…you can’t make it dolby5.1…or ripping a pristine cd…if it wasn’t better than or eaqual to…the output were taling…no going there…

It is possible. You just have to seperate the tracks into their 6 seperate wav files, then encode to either 5.1 AC3 or DTS. I do this all the time for menu audio onthe DVDs I author.
The software is expensive though. Have a look at Surcode DTS CD for DTS, or: for AC3 . I use Sonics AC3 5.1 encoder, but BeSweet’s will work too.