Convert CD iso to DVD



Hello all,

I have an interesting issue. I have a WinPE boot disk that was built for a CD ISO (built using a CD creator). When I boot it, works great. When I try to put that same exact iso onto a DVD. It’ll act as if it’s booting and then won’t boot of the DVD.

It will basically say:

“Press Any Key to Boot from CD…”

Once you hit a key it will not actually load PE but load windows of the hard disk.

Does anyone have a clue to how to make htis possible? Thanks!

Justin Louie


DVD Decrypter might do it. It’ll take a CD image & convert to DVD format on the fly. Whether it’ll boot still I don’t know.
Can’t imagine why you want to do this though.


Normally, I wouldn’t either, but my workplace needs the ability. :confused:


my question then becomes, how would i go about making this a bootable DVD iso from a CD one? Doesn’t seem immensely obvious in decrypter.


Just put a blank DVD in your burner. DVD Decrypter will reformat the image for the DVD format. It does ask you first.


I know this is super old but there still isn’t an obvious way to do this. I just wanted to confirm that dvd decrypter works great though. I’ve burned 3-4 discs in the past 2 days and all of them worked flawlessly. Thanks guys.