Convert Avi with Wma sound?

Have an Avi-movie with divx (same as wma) (0x0161) DivX Networks sound GSpot tells me. When I load it in TMPGenc the soundbar won´t fill up. Tried to extract with virtual dub to wav and convert to real wav with winamp. Didn´t work ofcourse. How do I do with this kind of soundtype?

Try using NanDUB or VirtualDUBMod to extract and convert audio to WAV.

Hi, my name is Curt. I have a program that outputs .wmv files for video, and .wma for audio… Reading the thread, I guess NanDUB or VirtualDUB will change the .wma to .wav… Any idea what I can use to change the .wmv file to mpeg, avi or something I can use to convert with DVD2SVCD or visa-versa… Thanks… Oh, I’ve been checking out this forum for a couple of weeks now… It’s the most informative I’ve been to ever, I think… I’ve learned a lot… I really appreciate the help

cdswede… have you tried Shuffler music converter? it is hard to find (on my personal website here: ) but can convert most wma to wav… not sure about wma9 though

TMPGEnc can convert wmv to mpg