Convert AVI TV episodes to DVD



If I convert AVI TV episodes to DVD, will it make the quality awful? If not than are there any tutorials for me to follow? And how could I actually put the episodes in the main screen and break it down to the correct number of discs with the correct number of episodes in the main screen?


You should expect the avi files to expand in size considerably when you convert to DVD-video. The amount of bitrate necessary to maintain high quality is fairly high in the mpeg2 found in DVD-video.

So you should plan to divide the episodes by length of time. Don’t try to put more than two to two and a half hours of video on a single layer DVD.

You can use a free program called AVStoDVD to convert your files with a menu so you can select each episode. There is a link to a guide to the program down below, in my signature.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


I use AVStoDVD for doing this.

A couple of quick additions.
If you plan to burn to a single layer DVD set the output to DVD-5.
For the menu if you set the “Menu Wizard” to Layout/"Text Based Titles & Still Pictures it will create a smaller menu . Choose the exact number of titles you are using .
I even created a “smaller” black template but that isn’t necessary most of the time.

I usually do 8 “30 minute” episodes or 4 “60” minute episodes. For top quality.


Hi cholla,

Would you recommend burning to 4.7GB single layer or 8.5GB DL? If 8.5GB than what are your suggestions/recommendations for this?


I don’t have any DL discs now.
I’ve always used SL for this with good results.
The only reason I could see for using DL is having more episodes per disc.
For me the SL works fine & are cheaper.

I also assumed that each .avi you are using is a seperate episode with commercials removed.


Yes, more episodes per disc. I will give an example for just Season 1. Its Star Trek TNG.

Here is the correct breakdown order, and this is the way I would like it as well. Season 1 consists of 7 discs.

Disc 1: 3 episodes

Disc 2: 4 episodes

Disc 3: 4 episodes

Disc 4: 4 episodes

Disc 5: 4 episodes

Disc 6: 4 episodes

Disc 7: 2 episodes plus Bonus Features


You should be able to do that with SL .
I suspect each episode is 45 to 50 minutes .

I haven’t done this with DL but I suspect as long as the layerbreak was done correctly so the comeplete episode next in line started on the second layer . A DL disc would work well .
On the other side . SL is much cheaper & if a disc is damaged you lose less .


Thank you so very much, cholla!! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome & I will help if I can.
Overall Kerry56’s guide is good. I just prefer as small of menu as possible.
For me thumbnails aren’t necessary.

If you are interested in editing episodes that you record from TV that have commercials there are some freeware ways to do this.
I used to use DVDShrink & some other software to do this & then use AVStoDVD to put that together.
I’ve only done this on a limited basis but Video to Video converter’s Commercial Remover can do this with fewer steps. Then put it together with AVStoDVD.
I’ve never used it but there is a commercial software that has a good reputation for doing this called VideoReDo .


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A couple of quick additions.[/QUOTE]

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