Convert AVI to MP3

Anyone know how to convert an AVI to an MP3? For free? Thanks.


AVI is an AUDIO/VIDEO file.
MP3 is an AUDIO ONLY format.

If you mean you want to extract the audio from an avi and convert to MP3 use VirtualDubMod (freeware) to extract the stream as WAV I (under Streams>Stream list, right click the audio track, full processing mode, then “Save WAV” button), once saved as WAV use RazorLame+Lame (freeware also) to encode back to MP3. If it asks about rewiting MP3 VBR headers when you open the AVI file click “No”.

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bcn_246: That’s not a very efficient solution as the the quality of the audio stream would decrease by recompressing it again.
You should use VirtualDubMod, but instead of selecting “Save WAV” in Streams>Stream list, try “Demux”, that will extract the stream directly from the avi as it is and you won’t have to re-encode it.
This solution would, of course, work only if the stream is in MP3 format, if it’s in AC3, you’ll probably have to save it as wav and then encode it in MP3…

Depending on the mod or version of VirtualDub, “Save WAV” might actually demux the audio rather than decoding it. In this instance, if it’s MP3 audio as a WAV file, then you can turn it into a genuine MP3 using WaveMP3 or CDex.

Agreed that the quality would be decreased, only very slightly and technicly, I doubt very much the quality would be audiably different if subjected to a blind test, provided he re-encoded at the same bitrate, or at 50% if the original was VBR and he wanted to encode to CBR. The problem with demuxing is that most AVI files use VBR MP3 encoding, many players (especially portable ones) do not support VBR, also if he wanted to use the audio to encode again, many decoders would not decode the VBR properly. It would also not be known what MP3 encoder had been used, and some more obscure MP3 encoders have been known to have problems on portables, although this is farely rare as most MP3 produce pretty similer outputs. The VBR headers can also be confusing to new users, and can result in a incorrect output VBR file. Therefore I felt it was far better he decoded it to WAV and then re-encoded it as a CBR file with (Razor)LAME to be on the safe side.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 can also do it.

VirtualDub and VirtualDubMod doesn’t open .avi files which don’t have video streams. I have a file with only one audio stream in MP3 format. How can I extract it to .mp3 without reencoding?

I always see Virtualdub being recommended rather than a great editing and conversion tool called Avidemux:

Just open Avidemux, drag the file over, and choose "Save’ on the Audio menu.

There’s also an amazing little open source program called Mediacoder.

Use the transcode audio selection (although the program can do just about anything and is always being upgraded). There’s an audio only version, too.

Regarding Virtualdubmod, why do others here recommend that rather than the latest stable version of Virtualdub with the FCChandler and Moitah plugins?

@ pdraganov, it would have been easier to start a [I]new[/I] thread, and not revive a 3 year old one…However if you can be a little bit more specific, we’ll try to help you… Use this wonderful tool to ID your so-called [B]avi[/B] with no video…

@ WiltonP, I don’t think you can just drag and drop an audio only file in AviDemux…Feel free to correct me of course, I promise not to feel offended…:slight_smile:

I was looking at the forum title page for interesting threads when I responded to the thread title, which was about converting an avi to a mp3 file. I didn’t realize this was an old thread. You are quite right about Avidemux in that you can’t drag and drop an audio file.