Convert avi to dvd

thank you for this forum! okay im sorry for not using the search bar for this cause im sure its been answered before but please forgive me i couldnt get it to load for some odd reason trying to convert a 700mb avi file to dvd i have used allot of programs like avi2dvd, wnpeg i think many more but i ether couldnt get them to work or had one hudge new to all of this converting and all some one told me to fist convert my avi to mpeg then convert that to dvd he didnt tell me a good freeware i good use or even shareware but i was hopeing one of y’all could help me out, i just need a good easy to use freeware converter so i can convert my avi files to dvd, what would be a good bonus feature if it had a tut telling you everything you needed before you started and went by the prosses step-by-step any help is greatly apreacited

PS im not a good speller or grammar person i hope you can understand me good anouf to answer my questation if the mods could fix my errors in spelling and grammar that would be very kind and greatly apracited

I´ve just tested a nice program that should help (there are lots of these, but this one is very easy to use), and it´s free. It worked perfectly for me.

hey thanks allot sorry for not replying sooner but i couldnt get the forum to work lol.thanks for the program i got my avi files converted susscfully thanks you helped me out allot and i thank you for that

You´re welcome

The forum had some problems (server changes) but it seems to be cool again.

I guess maybe you haven’t installed the right code.And next time you can try this:
It can do conversion fast and easily.

Hi lisa,
I guess you’re our hardcore winavi freak! :wink:

Ehrm, do you get royalities or somewhat for promoting this tool here over and over???

Sounds logical.

I could really understand it if it were an free tool. Hm.

You know Tele.2 sales promoter in supermarkets, that’s the same.
With other words ‘spam’.

:iagree: :wink: