Convert avi to dvd, while surfing internet, or using computer?

Just a silly question, while I convert avi to dvd? can i use the internet or using computer at the same time, will it stuff up or not?, If it’s not i would like to surf the net while i convert the avi to dvd cos converting take a lot time, and i have only 1 computer.
thank you :

I’ve never experienced any problems doing this although I tend to do my conversions when I’m not at my computer like over night.

Thank you.

You can definitely convert AVI to DVD-compliant MPEG while you’re doing other things on the computer. I would, however, advise that you leave the computer alone for the half-hour or more that it’s actually burning the disc. You don’t want to accidentally bump the desk or have your computer needlessly use buffer underrun protection.

There’s no reason you can’t use it, although converters tend to eat up 100% of your CPU resources so you might find that the computer responds poorly while you’re doing the conversion.