Convert Audio From A DVD To MP3



I have a movie on DVD, and like many DVDs it has in the ‘Special Features’ section the movie’s director narratig the movie and explaining how he made it, etc.

What I want to do is isolate that narration from the DVD in whatever format it’d be in and convert it to MP3 Audio so I can burn it to a CD and/or play in my MP3 Player.

How can I do this?


No Problem. Try Googling DVD Audio Ripper. It works great!


Thanks A LOT, Jim.

I downloaded the DVD Audio Ripper from Pirate Bay and it works great. I had never heard of this software, but it’s exactly what I was looking for.


^You cannot discuss downloading commercial products through torrents. That sort of thing can get you banned around here. :cop:

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There are plenty of freeware programs that will extract the Audio from a specific .vob or the whole movie .
I don’t think they would seperate the narration without it’s background audio.
I’m guessing you are wanting the director’s comments.
I use BeSweet with BeLight GUI . You need to add the VOBInput.dll for BeSweet to the BeSweet folder. So it will handle .vob files.
If you have the disc or an .iso in a virtual drive DVDDecrypter can extract the audio.
AutoGordianKnot can also do this.
Format Factory can do this in a couple of ways. If you have already ripped the movie to your harddrive decrypted just select the .vob with the narration. If you have AnyDVD you can rip it directly from the DVD disc.

If what you were wanting was only the narration without any other background noise (only the narrator’s voice).Was DVD Audio Ripper able to do that ?
By asking the last question I in no way encourage downloading commercial products through torrents. Maybe Jim knows & got his legally. Or anyone that knows .

@Kerry56 , Maybe you could answer if sepahunt can answer my last question. I don’t want to violate the forum rules & that might come close.


I’d rather not have sepahunt discussing his downloaded program. If someone else has a legal copy they can answer you in here cholla.

There are a couple of commercial products with that name that I know of, one from Xilisoft and the other is from Imtoo. (probably just variations on a theme there). You could always download the trial of one of them to test cholla, though I personally wouldn’t have software from those companies on my computer.


@ Kerry56 ,Ok no problem .That’s why I asked.
I doubt those programs can seperate out the narrators’ voice only anyway.


I ended up having to pay for it anyway to get it to operate properly. The torrent one was garbage. I won’t waste my time with them (Torrents) anymore.
The paid version works great, without any glitches and it was only $29.00, more than worth it.



I only suggested a program to meet the need. Not a method to download it. I think they offer a 30 day free trial anyway.

I used this program ages ago to take the sound from one of my concert DVDs (I’ve bought well over a hundred) and it worked great. I made a disk to sing along to in the Car.


@ Jim , You did what you are supposed to do here on the forum by recommending a software you thought would work. So keep on doing that & more if you can.

@ sepahunt , I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt but will wait for Kerry56 to give the OK. On torrents don’t rule out ever using one again. I have used torrents twice to get something not available anywhere I could find even to purchase . It’s been a while but I think it was just individual files. Torrents can also be a good way to get a virus on your OS . The problem with the torrent you used was it was definately theft of a currently available commercial software. Since you did go ahead & purchase the software you are probably not in trouble with the law as you might have been.
This might be better to leave to a moderator but you can see why a site like club.myce forum is under scrutiny by the MPAA & RIAA . So does it’s best to keep all posts about legal activities & stops posts that are about illegal activities.


MyCE follows Dutch law cholla, so the MPAA and RIAA have little say here.

Dutch home copy laws are quite lenient, but the rules of the forum are slightly stricter, and have been adopted voluntarily by the owners and management to follow a path closer to the laws seen across most of the world. Downloading software from torrents that is copyright protected is definitely not on the list of things to be discussed here.


@ Kerry56 , I knew MyCE followed Dutch law . I just think the MPAA and RIAA use money to influence politics in countries other than the USA . So even if they don’t have any direct say they are putting money toward influencing the politicians that do.
You can see by my posts that I don’t support illegally downloading copyright protected
software. It’s been long enough ago I don’t even think what I downloaded from a torrent is even on my current OS. If I remember they were individual files & may have been copy protected. I’m more experenced now & would do a better job of checking first.
I took your warning about the software companies tha created DVD Audio Ripper & did not download the trial. I really don’t need it. I just wanted to know if it was able to capture the voice only of a narrator. I doubt that it is . I haven’t tried to do that but I understand it is difficult even with any editing software.
I would bet what DVD Audio Ripper does is copies the director’s comments audio with the background audio. Then converts it a format like .mp3.
In the first post sepahunt asked:

What I want to do is isolate that narration from the DVD [/QUOTE]
I doubt DVD Audio Ripper is able to “isolate that narration”.


[QUOTE=sepahunt;2532418]I ended up having to pay for it anyway to get it to operate properly. The torrent one was garbage. I won’t waste my time with them (Torrents) anymore.
The paid version works great, without any glitches and it was only $29.00, more than worth it.[/QUOTE]
Hey sepahunt - I wish I would have seen this thread before this morning and before you having to spend $29 on a program. I use a FREE program called Next DVD Ripper to do this. You can check it out here:

Although I don’t use it to rip to mp3, it does support it.



thanks for this info , helped heeps,