Convert and copy PAL video to NTSC DVD

I am having trouble using my VHS recorder to convert and copy my PAL video tapes to NTSC DVD, using the LiteOn 5005 DVD recorder. The DVD recorder drops the picture about an inch, resulting in my having a black space across the top of the screen and my losing the bottom of the picture (the problem is particularly noticable with subtitled movies).

The place where I bought the DVD recorder says the problem is the VHS recorder – something about it probably putting out a PAL 61 signal rather than a true PAL signal. The solution, they say, is to purchase a different multisystem VHS recorder.

Is this true, and if so, how do I know what VHS recorder will work properly with the DVD recorder?

Also, I used two different multisystem VHS recorders in creating the PAL tapes – my original recorder died. Tapes created on the original recorder are the ones that literally drop lower on the TV screen. Tapes created on the current VHS recorder fill the entire screen, but they still are missing the bottom of the picture (by the way, when I bypass the DVD recorder and play any of these tapes on a multi-system TV, the picture appears in its entirety on the screen).

any thoughts, suggestions …

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A nice feature with the Lite-On LVW-5005 (and LVW-5045) is the ability to record from NTSC and PAL sources, however this only works well if you record in the matching format, such as to an NTSC DVD for an NTSC source. Unfortunately, the recorder does not scale the image between the two formats, so if you try recording in NTSC format using a PAL source, it captures the first 480 lines of the PAL’s 576 lines, thus resulting in the picture being stretched as well as losing a portion of the bottom. This seems to be what is happening in your case.

Even though your VHS video recorder may support multi-standard VHS tapes, it will still output a standard PAL coding for a PAL VHS recording, unless there is some option to set the output to ‘NTSC’ or ‘PAL 60’. If this option is not available, then you will need to obtain a PAL to NTSC transcoder box. While you could try looking around for another multi-standard VHS video recorder, you will need to ensure that it can output the different standards to the TV, such as output an NTSC coding while playing a PAL tape.

On the other hand, if you are looking to transcode from an NTSC DVD to a PAL VHS recording or vice versa (if your video recorder can record NTSC), then all you have to do is set the ‘TV Type’ on your DVD recorder to NTSC or PAL (depending on which type you wish to record to VHS). The Lite-On DVD recorder has no problem scaling the picture size while playing back recordings, however it is a pity it cannot do this when recording.

This is very odd.

Some friends of mine brought a set of DVDs back from Australia to the U.S., not thinking about the region and format differences.

They asked me if I could convert the discs for them, and it’s working out well. (My player can handle NTSC and apparently either it doesn’t care about the region coding, or the discs may be coded region 0 or something.)

The original is letterboxed, and copies are coming out looking just like the original. No screen distortion like can sometimes happen when playing PAL videos on NTSC equipment.

gastrof, click here, and then the link within that single post. that should contain the info you need to get started.

By the way, using the Advanced search, in the key word box, I put “convert” +PAL +NTSC and click “post results as posts” :wink:

I too had exactly the same problem. However, I have found that as Sean says in the next post, the liteon will read NTSC ok. I get round this by recording Pal VHS to Pal DVD and then converting to NTSC.

There are many ways of converting Pal DVD to NTSC (see other replies in this thread).

One method not mentioned is actually one many people have access to i.e. Nero Vision Express (NVE). Simply import the Pal DVD title into NVE, and change the output to NTSC (buried in output configuration menus), and then re-author the DVD. This does tend to be quite slow (more or less real time) but it is easy to do, and does not require any real knowledge of DVD vob, ifos etc. This will also work the other way round NTSC to Pal (assuming you have an NTSC VCR).

Interestingly as an experiment, I used Nero Recode to re-make a DVD importing an NTSC DVD source and a Pal DVD source, and the Liteon played it without any problems (it seems to know which to play).

I thinks that my first message wan’t clear

I have the USA LiteOn 5005.

I am having trouble to convert and copy my PAL video tapes to DVD, using the LiteOn 5005 DVD recorder.
The 5005 is set to PAL. I connect my JVC PAL camcorder throw the rear AV input.

When I prepare to record the PAL signal, I can see the video with no problem and properly framed on my TV.

When I then hit the record botton on the 5005, it tells me that I have the “Wrong Signal Type”.

Well, since I can see the video on my TV, which is set to PAL and the signal is running through the 5005 that is also set to PAL, I don’t have a clue what is going on.

When I set the 5005 to NTSC and run the PAL signal from my JVC PAL camcorder into it, it records it in NTSC, but due to the scanning line difference between PAL and NTSC, I am losing some of the picture. (the problem is particularly noticable with subtitled movies).

I head something about it probably putting out a PAL 61 signal from my JVC PAL camcorder rather than a true PAL signal.

I tried it usind the Stalite AV output to the LiteOn 5005 the rear AV input and I got the same results.

Is there a way that I’ll will be able to record PAL to PAL or PAL to NTSC without losing some of the picture.


Tsafrir Melamed

Going by that error message, it looks like your Lite-On does not support the recording of a PAL video source. A simple way to check if the signal issue is caused by your VHS video recorder is to attempt to record from the AV2 input without anything attached to the AV2 video or audio inputs. Try this with the Lite-On set to NTSC and then try again with it set to PAL. My Lite-On LVW-5045 will allow the recording of a source without anything attached to it in either NTSC or PAL. The only time I seen it refuse to record from a source is if it has macrovision, but in this case it would show “Protected content” with a ‘not allowed’ symbol.

If your Lite-On allows the recording of an unconnected source in NTSC, but not in PAL, then this is a good sign that your Lite-On does not support the recording of a PAL source. However, if your Lite-On is happy to start recording when set to PAL without anything attached to AV2, then it may be worth starting the record process and then attaching the leads from your VHS recorder to the AV2 input to see if the recorder will continue recording or just stop. :stuck_out_tongue: This will determine if your VHS Video recorder is causing the issue.

The only other option I can think of is to try updating the firmware for your Lite-On, just in case PAL recording was not supported in earlier versions. Unfortunately while Lite-On mentions that they support the playback of PAL and NTSC discs for your Lite-On model, they do not mention if the recorder can also record in both formats. It is a bit like how most VCR’s in Ireland support the playback of NTSC VHS tapes, but cannot record in the NTSC format or from an NTSC video source.

From links in other posts, I have found out that there is a subtle thing ypu have to do to do the recording to get round the wrong signal type.

It turns out the disk has to be formatted using the signal type set first.

e.g. to record a Pal signal using a US machine which normally defaults to NTSC

  1. set Liteon-on to Pal
  2. Format disk

If you are using a DVD RW, then it is probable that it was previously formatted in NTSC format.

The same is true in reverse for reording NTSC to Pal.

You’ve lost me.

I’ve said I’m doing well with the copying, and not having any problems making the NTSC version of the discs.

How do you “format a disc” on a stand-alone DVD recorder? :confused:

Apologies should have been clearer - erasing an RW reformats it.

Hello Im a liteon 5005 newbie. Im in USA with a USA Liteon 5005 with a NTSC TV
I have some UK pal videos of jazz I taped from TV in London years ago I want to make to
PAL DVDs . I have my my Liteon 5005 connected to my NTSC TV ( I have NO Pal TV)
but do have a PAL VHS player & PAL Tapes. When I try to switch the 5005 over to
PAL TV std the picture on my NTSC TV is unreadable, it jumps up and down and is the wrong size. Therefore I can NOT see well enough to issue ERASE (to format a disc for PAL) or use the Guider to select source or set the recording going.

So is it possible to use the 5005 to make PAL DVDs from PAL VHS if you only have a
NTSC TV to use as a monitor?

thank you in advance
charlottesville VA USA

Hello Again
I forgot to mention Im using the aux input on 5005 conected to PAL VHS
RCA Video & Audio outputs, I am NOT using the 5005 TV Tuner!

The key problem is that your TV is not compatible not the Lite-on. You could simply rehearse all the key presses and write them down, and then have a go at doing it carefully?

Hi Oilman
thanks for the idea. I was thinking of getting a cheap PCI video capture card (Prolink TV uses a BT878) chip for $30 from Newegg. It has a composite video IN and can capture PAL.
I could run the Video out from the Liteon into the Prolink Card after , in NTSC , I will then attempt to switch to PAL and watch the Liteons responses on the prolink card in my PC , under PAL.

IM hoping that this will work as a cheap multistandard TV (PAL) so I can control the Liteon.

Liteon Tech support said that to record PAL DVDs on my 5005 Id have to have a PAL TV hooked up to it, so Im hoping this HACK will work.

Ill keep you all posted.

hi guys,
i am thinking of buying a liteon 5006 and i am looking for the feature of dubbing PAL VHS to NTSC DVD. do i need any firmware to make it all region or the thing just comes with it. thank you! :smiley:

You can set the Liteon to region free as follows:

Press Setup button
Move cursor to ‘Exit’
Press 2 9 6 0
On pop-up menu select ‘Region Free’

Hello, I have some PAL dvds that I need to covert to NTSC to burn.

Any help would be appreciated.


thank you it works!!
is it also let me record from pal tv? or there is somthing els to change the tv tuner from NTSC to PAL ?