Convert and burn multiple divx files to DVD

I have 12 episodes of a tv show that are divx files about 600mb each. I would like to convert them to DVD and have about 4 episodes on each DVD to play on my stand alone DVD player. Do I have to convert each divx file individually and then load them onto my DVD burning program or is there a way to batch convert them. Thanks—ollie

You can convert 4 at a time using FAVC. The output will be a finished dvd with a simple menu to select which video you want to watch. Use the HC encoder that is included, and make sure to install AviSynth and Net 2.0 first if you need them. There are links to both at the FAVC site.

Two alternatives that do the same type of conversion are DVDFlick and AVStoDVD.

Thanks Kerry I’ll give it try