Convert AAC to MP3

How can I convert AAC to mp3? Any free software to do this?
Is AAC to same as MP4?



MediaCoder is freeware and can do this.

I did download and install Mediacoder this past week, but I don’t know how to use it. The documentation for it is pretty sparse.

Would you be able to tell me the steps on how to do this with Mediacorder?

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Launch MediaCoder.

Add the file/files to be converted.

Set the “Output Folder”.

Select “Audio” (bottom left) and set your preferences.

Select the “LAME” tab (bottom right) and set your preferences.

Select “Start” to begin the conversion.

I tried this and got this error message: “No files outputted”. See attachment.
Could this be because it’s a protected file from iTunes?

Try selecting a different location for the output file.

I tried selecting my output file to a different location and that didn’t work either.

MP4 is just one implementation of AAC. This is often referred to as MPEG-4 AAC, or AAC for short. Other implementations include MPEG-2 Part 7 and MPEG-4 Part 3

I have no issue using MediaCoder to convert AAC files to MP3.
It may be that the files you are attempting to convert are DRM protected.

AAC’s most famous usage is as the default audio format of Apple’s iPod and iTunes and the format used for all iTunes Store audio (with extensions for proprietary Digital Rights Management (DRM) where used).
If this is the case then the files must be stripped of their DRM protection before they can be converted.

How do I strip the DRM protection from iTunes downloads then?


QTFairUse6. Once you remove the protection on the files, you can use iTunes to convert the m4a files to mp3.

OK, but how do I remove the protection? Am I missing something obvious here?

Go download QTFairUse6 and take a look around the technical forum… everything you need to learn and understand is outlined there.

Damn, I’ve been missing a lot of threads here lately. People are seriously missing the right informations. As I remember corectly, QTFairUse6 simply removes the DRM protection from the file, by messing with it, which is kinda illegal.
If you want to convert a file from AAc to MP3 simply use Tunebite and all is solved with one push of a button.

NoteBurner can do this via virtual burning
it is really good.