Convert .aac format music files

anyone know a program to burn .aac format music files to CD? I basicaly need to somehow either convert the .aac files to wav or mp3 or someting or just burn the files straight to cd. Can anyone please help me?

Tanks, Adina

You can use ImgBurn to create a CUE file and burn as an audio CD.

.aac is one of the supported file formats in this process.

Ok. I tried to do what you said and I followed the guide, but I get an error message saying that AddSourceFilter Failed! Am I doing something wrong? I don’t understand it. My version of imgburn is, and also I saw in the guide you refered to that they used a .aac file, but it doesn’t seem to work for me… please help me

Are these protected files? In other words, do they have drm on them?

How would I know If they have drm? I checked the properties on the files and it doesn’t say anything about it there.

Well, assuming these aren’t protected, like iTunes aac files, then you can convert the aac to mp3 with foobar2000 and lame mp3 encoder. Here are some basic instructions on using those two (stole these from another site)

[I]The basic idea is you to use the foobar2000’s builtin converter to convert any music file it can play into another format. The first thing you need to do is to tell foobar2000 where the lame executable is on your computer. foorbar2000 does provide a default profile for lame which is probably good enough for you. Once that is done, load the file into foobar2000 either by drag/drop, double-clicking the file. Right click on the file you want to convert, choose the context menu item “convert”, choose “convert to…” and ensure the correct encoding preset is chosen (the one you shoul duse is MP3 (LAME)). Click ok, and you should get a mp3 file in a short time.[/I]

Or you can convert with Nero if you have it. Or SUPER.

The SUPER website is one of the most annoying on the planet…the actual download link is on the third page and they don’t allow direct links…

Another tool to try going straight from the aac files to an audio cd is called Burrrn. I have a sneaking suspicion that you will get the same filter error using Burrrn as you had with ImgBurn though.

Install a DirectShow AAC filter and then ImgBurn will work.

Just Google ‘AAC DirectShow’ and download the CoreAAC package from wherever you can get it.