Convert a whole PAL DVD to NTSC (not just mpegs/avis)

I am trying to convert a WHOLE PAL DVD (vobs, bup ifo etc) INCLUDING THE MENU into a NTSC format. Before you say TMPG, NO, I want to convert the whole dvd, not mpgs or avi’s. How do I approach this? I have the dvd on the hardrive. I heard DVDEcho does this, is this true? what do you recommend? Can I just do a simple resolution change and this will fix the problem? if so, how? (please do not include posts of alternative ways to play a PAL dvd on a NTSC player) I will appreciate any help, please!! :bow: :bow: :bow: you will be my God.

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haha, thanks man! Steve can still lick ma left nut, but the dude can have them. That’s a pretty intense process, damn! I have about 40 PAL dvds, I want to backup into NTSC, so it’d take about a year doing it that way. I guess I just have to accept that realistically I cant copy the menus until there is a programme that can speed up the whole process. Thanks for your help. So just use dvdtoavi, to convert vobs to avi’s, then convert that to ntsc, I guess.

But I just find an alternative way, where an NTSC patch can be made via IFO edit, Does this work well? and … any another alternatuve similar ways other than re-authoring the dvd structure from scratch

I came back to this thread, because I just came across the same method.

Basically, you use IFOEDIT to change the header(s) from NTSC to PAL or vice versa. The actual video is still the original frame rate, but players need to be able to play different frame rates in order to play VCDs. Evidently, many players just deal with the frame rate as presented by the input (probably to cope with poorly encoded disks). I have a PAL DVD and I tried it and the resulting DVD+RW played fine in my Toshiba NTSC DVD player. Evidently, different players may or may not work.

For those interested, here is a thread with complete directions:

PAL / NTSC DVD Conversion (patch method)

use smartripper, i think that will do it, doesnt anydvd remove the region> im confused is region the same thing as pal/ntsc

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