Convert a protected slideshow on CD




I am not only a newbie but completely crap at anything technical, so I hope somebody can help me

I have a set of wedding photos on a CD, given to me by somebody else. When I put it into the computer it comes up as a slideshow automatically.

There are like 250 images in this slideshow and I only want a couple. I tried ‘print screen’ as the image appeared and it said ‘author does not allow copying of graphic images’

The file appears as a .exe application in explorer and has read only ‘checked’ on the properties. When I tried to remove this tick it said it couldnt do it and access was denied. These werent done by a professional so I am not sure why all the security?

Does anybody have any suggestions about how I can either convert this CD back to jpegs or lift a couple of the images???

thanks xx


Hi there,

That’s probably gonna be difficult if we don’t know the name of the program which was used to make this slideshow.

The images are probably converted to some encrypted form of a database, where the .exe file is the executed program.

I think the best you can do is to install a screen grabber or recording program that doens’t need the print-screen button. The product probably blocks the print-screen button.

Perhaps FRAPS can be of any use. It’s a video grabbing program. The output will still not be jpeg-pictures-files , but it will at least produce a clean unprotected video file.


Yes the photos are in a exe file so people can’t get to them or print them, but the good news is You can use a exe dumper, to open it and print the photos you want. :slight_smile:


The person who created this has probably included a copyright protection to avoid people ripping his/her work. So I guess you have to write down the numbers of the photos you want and contact the photographer to buy the pictures you want…