Convert a DVD to VCD?



We recently received a very short promotional DVD from one of our vendors and the purpose of the DVD is to show homeowners a short video on termites and a new termite baiting system. Anyway, we know that its going to be hard to work with just a couple of these DVDs and since most homeowners have a PC, I was wondering if we can convert the DVD output (about 10 minutes) to a VCD. And of course, what programs are available so I can make maybe 40-50 of these as give-aways to homeowners? In a perfect world, someone will tell me that I can use Nero 7 to somehow do this, and in a even more perfect world, the end product would play in a DVD player or a PC or both.

I know, I’m asking for the moon. And I have to confess that I basically know squat about the VCD formats. For all I know the promotional piece is a VCD… I don’t know how to determine that.


To determine if it’s a cd or dvd just look at the file extensions on the disc in My Computer or explorer. If some of them have a .vob extension, it’s a dvd. If not, it’s a cd. Another way is to putthe disc in stand-alone player. Invariably when you do so the player indicates what type of disc it is.

If it’s a dvd, you can convert to vcd format (which you can burn with nero) with the freeware Eazy Vcd. If a cd and not copy protected just use the cd copy function of nero.


It’s a DVD, and I DL’d EasyVCD and was able to rip the clip (all 7:19 of it) and I’ve managed to save the clip to my HDD. Burning it with Nero 6 seems to be a bit of an issue though. I select the VCD option and it “looks” like its burning, but its done in 30 seconds and the video doesn’t play… plus there’s no files on the CD. I only had one spare CD-R here at work so I’ll bring in a couple tomorrow and try again.