Convert a dolby digital 5.1 *.ac3-file -> dolby surround pro logic *.mpa-file?


i’ve tried to answer my questions by using the search-function, but i was not able to find threads dealing with that kind of problem.

for some reason (tv-set with build-in dolby surround pro logic-decoder & sattellite-receiver (dreambox) with harddisk) i want to convert dolby digital 5.1 files (*.ac3 demuxed from the *.ts-file used by the dreambox) to dolby surround pro logic-files (that can be muxed to a *.vob-file that can be run from the harddisk and can be decoded by the ds-decoder of my tv-set).

is there any possibility to do so …?

thanks in advance and greetings from vienna, austria!

BeSweet with its GUI will downmix your AC3 5.1 files to AC3 2ch, just select Surround2 as the type of stereo downmix.

hi chickenman!

thanks for your quick answer. i’ve tried ac3machine (using besweet) before, but now i see that besweet is more powerful as a stand-alone!

so when i choose ac3 as source and mp3 as destination on the besweet-gui i cannot find a possibility to select whether to concert to ‘normal’ stereo or to dolby surround - is dolby surround the default setting?

best wishes,

ok … the logfile has answered my question:

[00:00:00:000] ±------ BeSweet -----
[00:00:00:000] | Input : d:\DVD Data\ac3 to ds test\demuxed with projectx\3efc.ac3
[00:00:00:000] | Output: d:\DVD Data\ac3 to ds test\demuxed with projectx\3efc.mp3
[00:00:00:000] | Floating-Point Process: Yes
[00:00:00:000] ±------- AZID -------
[00:00:00:000] | Input Channels Mode: 3/2, Bitrate: 448kbps
[00:00:00:000] | Output Stereo mode: Dolby surround compatible :slight_smile:
[00:00:00:000] | Total Gain: 0.000dB, Compression: None
[00:00:00:000] | LFE levels: To LR -INF, To LFE 0.0dB
[00:00:00:000] | Center mix level: BSI
[00:00:00:000] | Surround mix level: BSI
[00:00:00:000] | Dialog normalization: No
[00:00:00:000] | Rear channels filtering: No
[00:00:00:000] | Source Sample-Rate: 48.0KHz
[00:00:00:000] ±------- LAME -------
[00:00:00:000] | ‘abr 128’ preset is used
[00:00:00:000] ±--------------------
[00:22:44:832] Conversion Completed !
[00:22:44:832] Actual Avg. Bitrate : 128kbps :confused:
[00:04:53:000] <-- Transcoding Duration

… but: is it right that 448kbps-ac3 results in only 128kbps-mp3? or are there setting that can turn this rate up for a better quality?

all th best,

Soory, you convert the 5.1ch AC3 to 2ch Stereo Surrond2 WAV, you do NOT convert to mp3. MP3 is NOT an audio standard for DVD’s. In BeSeet, check the Azid1 and check the Output Mode to be Stereo Surround2.