Convert a demo game into a full game?

Does anybody know how cahnge the Age of Empires Conquer. demo into a full game and where i can find something about it?

that’s a very good 1

you can’t

try your local computer store

call Bill Gate and ask him… he’ll tell you how to do it. i’m pretty sure he will…=)

You cant dude all the levels arent there. Why would they add them to a demo, just get the game they dont caost much, or look around to see how you can get free software.

you have to download the demo2full patch on they have it all it even add all movies to the demo makes 650 meg iso from 30 meg demo

Yeah pay me $50 dollars plus shipping and I’ll turn any demo into the full game like magic

alright, he got the answer he was looking for. i’ve seen just about enough jokes in one thread by now anyway.

thread closed.