Convert a .AVI file



I tried using Avi2Dvd but it said it required 9 GB of space and I only had 2 available and also a erroe came up not soon after. I was wondering is there a better program I can use to do this conversion?


You are not going to be able to work with dvd’s with only 2 gig avalable. You have to have enough space avalable for the converted files as well as some working space.


try using vso divxtodvd that doesnt need as much HD space as avi2dvd, but like ripit says 2 GB HD is toooooo small for working with dvds. ive got 2 x 40 GB and am always running out of space :sad:


I have 360Gb of HDD space and I am constantly running out myself ako, currently saving up for another 160Gb drive. Therefore Matt you are either going to have to get a new HD or free up some space. Even using a prog that requires less space to do the work you still need enough space for the finished conversion.


Just another item Matt. If you are going to be working with video, you will want two seperate hard drives (not just two partitions). One for your operating system and software, and a drive for nothing but putting video files on.


ok when you say 360Gb of HDD space how much how something like that cost?

harley2ride what do you mean 2 separate I have to buy another computer or what? what would one cost?


You just need two physical hard drives inside your pc if you want to get serious about video/burning dvd’s. As you can see by my signature, I have two harddrives in each of my pc’s. Some pc’s like the newer dell’s only have one ide channel, but they have plenty of sata channels. So in one pc I have two sata hd’s, and in the other, I have one sata, and one pata drive (it has two ide channels). Another PC I had three separate hd’s in one box. Just had to add extra cooling. You don’t have to have a 360gb hd, but they are nice. Hell, I could use a couple of 500gb hd’s, but I’ll wait until I can get them on sale with some good rebates.


I don’t have a 360Gb HD I said I have 360Gb of hd space, harley, 1x40Gb (OS) 2x80Gb and 1x160Gb. I have added space as I needed it and have had to add a RIAID card though I am not RAIDing my hds to provide the extra IDE channels.

As I dont know what country you are in I can’t say how much hd are there, but here in the UK they can start of as little as £49 for 120Gb. Just remember o use small indipedant shops as opposed to chain store types for the best prices.