Convert a avi file to DVD (ConvertXtoDVD)

I am a new member in this forum. I read that you anwer a question of converting avi files. I made a presentation in the Window movie Maker 2 and saved it in a DV-avi file. Then I wanted to convert it to DVD so I can see it in any DVD player. I used several trial software to know what works for me. I used used AVS DVD to go ,Smart DVD Creator Pro and VSO. In the three software it saids that I created DVD succesfully. However I placed it in the DVD player and I see a message incorrect disk. The disk that I am using is the DVD+R. I had used this disk before when I burn a movie. Again I burn the movie and I could see it in any DVD player.
What I am doing wrong.
Please advise.

Hi Damarys,
First…let´s check the language problem…you mean “…I burn the movie and I CAN NOT see it in any dvd player” <—right? It doesn´t recognize your movie?