Convert 4:3 to 16:9

Whats the best way to convert 4:3 video files to 16:9?

Your question does not make sense really. A 4:3 image will always be a 4:3 image. Do you want to stretch the image out to 16:9? Most video editing tools are capable of doing this, but of course the result is a funny looking image.

Also note that any 16:9 monitor can stretch an image.

i don’t wanna stretch it, just crop it


Crop what? a 4:3 image is smaller than 16:9. Do you want to remove the top and/or bottom portion of a 4:3 and make it into 16:9? Why would you? I’ll look crappy when viewed on a 16:9 monitor, cause it’ll get blown up. You will be removing a good portion of a 480 image, then blowing it back up to 480, is what I mean.

if you not gonna help, don’t post

Hey guys - just cool it an bit. I think CDAN’s reply was trying to be helpfull and he has pointed out a valid observation.

Perhaps a bit more explanation of your problem would help here.

You say you have a 4:3 video and want to convert to 16:9 by cropping it.

This is a rather unusual requirement as the video would look like a letterbox picture on 4:3 (but with information removed), and would look like a postage stamp on a 16:9 set unless you zoomed in (in which case you lose resolution).

Can you explain to use why you want to do this?

The fact that you don’t get the answer you want doesn’t mean that someone isn’t trying to help.

I think the point I was trying to make is that doing this will result in a really crappy image quality when viewed on anything larger than a small TV.

If my math is accurate, cropping a 480 image down to a 16:9 aspect ratio will result in a image that is around 270. Not very nice to watch, and will be loaded with MPEG artifacts when watched on a normal size screen.

That said, most video editors and encoding tools can crop the image. Getting them to output a 16:9 image from a 4:3 source is another issue, and many will refuse to do so. I use Procoder and Ulead and both will do this with a little coaxing.

I’ve got a similar problem.
Grabbed a widescreen movie.

Is stored as a 4:3 movie with very tall people.
How can I convert the movie to 16:9?

If I play the file on a computer, there is no problem.

If I burn the movie, like it is now, to a DVD, and play it in a stand-alone-DVD-player the movie cannot be played in an acceptable way.

IFOEdit can be used to edit the pic size in the IFO files on a dvd. Where it shows the movie to be 4:3, just click on that line and change it to 16:9, then Save. Check both the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and the IFO file for the main movie. IFOEdit can be a bit daunting to the newbie, so check out the Tutes/Readme’s on IFOEdits site on how to use.

I think what is being asked here is how to take my 4:3 movies and convert them so that the look “NATURAL”, not stretched.

have the same problem. I have some old videos mainly TV shows that I’d like to watch on my new TV, but get annoyed by the squashed look. I have it connected with an HDMI cable, which intermittently will do a natural looking picture in a sideways letterbox on special features, but goes back to stretching the main feature.

Two ways to do it (both with the same tool, AVIDeMux) require re-encoding of the video. One is to crop the video at the top and bottom, cutting off peoples’ heads and knees, the other is to add permanent ‘pillar bars’ to the two sides. Me, I’d just leave well enough alone and set the TV to pillar-box 4:3 and call it good.

Yes I was thinking of adding the pillars to the sides. Is there any software that you recommend?

Thanks for the idea of the setting of 4:3 on the DVD player. That alone didn’t do it, but while playing with the settings I discovered that it also needs to be set to 480 Where I had it set to 1080p.

I hope this helps someone else.

1080p and 4:3 ?? :eek::eek::rolleyes:

Cut me some slack. I’ve only had the thing about a month. I’m sure you were a newbie at one time yourself. There wasn’t anything about it in the manual, so I had to learn by doing.

My DVD player auto sets the DVD to 1080p, so I have to go in and manually change it. Oh, and I can leave it on the 16:9. I just have to change to the 4:3.