Convert 3 DVD's to 1

I have tried a quick search but to no avail…
I have 3 children’s dvd’s i would like to rip and shrink to 1 so its easyer to watch in the car…
I belive i can convert the episodes to mpeg format then re-burn…?? I dont want the menu and features etc just the episodes…??
Is this possible and if so how easy is it…??
The programs i have obtained in antiscipation are…

ISO Buster
DVD Clone2
DVD Shrink
Ulead Video Edit Suite 6

Thanks :iagree:

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You can use dvd shrink in reauthor mode. It’s easier than re-encode mpeg files.

If your car reader is able to read DL discs, you can also consider to burn on a DL disc to reduce compression level.

Before you convert to mpg look at the dvd shrink re-authoring guide. As i think about it i see no reason why you couldn’t just take the main movies and then shrink to a dvd-5 using this guide:


thanks for the advice… will give it ago :clap: