Convert 2 sided DVD to single sided


I’ve got a 2 sided DVD given to our family by a funeral home containing a video with pictures of our recently passed father which automatically flips them periodically. It seems to contain only around 250 meg of files on it and I would like to make some copies for members of the family using a single sided DVD.

Could I just copy all the Video_TS folder to the hard drive and them back to the DVD and would that work?

I also own Nero 6 but when I tried to copy the DVD it wanted a 2 sided DVD.


Hi Rich,

You can use DVD Shrink to make it fit a single sided DVD, but it will loose some quality. Well, it’s worth it. Hope i’ve helped.

copy both sides of the disc to your hd(seperate folders)…i would use dvd decrypter in file mode…
open up nero vision express…click on make movie…dvd…then add both sets of movie files to it and just go through the rest of the process…in the area where it asks you to add menus…there’s a drop down box that gives you the option to “do not create menu” if you dont wanna have menus

You have a choice to have both side rip seperately and burn them to two different disc or use “Double Layer” disc and have both side burn in one D/L disc.

When I look at the DVD thru Windows Explorer it shows that only 250meg are used. I don’t think it needed to be put on a DVD at all.

Is Windows Explorer byte usage when reading a 2 sided DVD? If so, why would I need to shrink anything when a lowly CD holds over 600 meg?

I figure is should fit EASILY on a single sided DVD if the file bytes number is accurate. I just need to know how to copy from a 2 sided DVD to a single DVD using Nero 6 or free software.


See if this guide helps:

OK, I will give it a try. Thanks.