Conversion tool please

ok, ive searched. now i’m needing some advice.
i found a bunch of m4a’s & m4p’s. what the heck are these? & what do i use to read them?? allways in search of new music but hate to use anything but whats worked for me. there all on a dvd(600 of them) & roxio doesent reconize them?
any suggestions would be helpful.thank in advance as allways. :bow:

I believe this is an ipod/psp format, if you download itunes you should be able to play them

in not trying to sound to harsh,i dont like anything to do with apple or ipod.and i’m trying to convert to mp3’s.I’ve got about 10,000 mp3s & i want to add to them. so on
that note is there any way to convert these??

Try dbPoweramp.
Of course you have to install their corresponding codec for the conversion.

There is also a free mp4 audio plugin for Nero.
This will allow you to burn an audio CD directly from the mp4 files.
You can then rip the newly created audio CD to MP3 (backwards option).

Try SoundTaxi - it’ll help u! It’s so easy to use and operates with a wide range of audio formats! ))) You may about from here:

You’ll find that the M4A files will be pretty easy to convert, but the M4P files are protected and will basically require being recorded in realtime rather that converted.

[B]Yeah! SOUNDTAXI does well! To convert 300 WMA files into MP3 files it took less than 1 hour - that’s 12x speed! This is the fastest & most easy to use tool I could find![/B]