Conversion Stupper


I have some movies that are in mp4 format. I want to conver them into
any other format that I can. Ive tried to use WinMpg, but Im getting nowhere. :confused:

I dont have Quicktime installed on my computer, but I do have the
Quicktime Alternative. I thought I could convert them into avi, then
into something else, but it wont even do that. :sad:

Does anyone know of any software that will convert mp4 into another
format? :frowning:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Usually, the more conversions you do and the more video quality is degrading. For example, converting a real media in avi and then the avi in quick time will give a progressive worsening of quality. The best option is to convert directly from real to quick time.

So The first thing you need is to know exactly what type of conversion you want to do.

I suggest you to start reading some stuff here


Thank you very much, looks like I have lots
of reading to do :frowning: but heyyy have to
learn somewhere lol

thanks again :wink:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

hey. well if you are interested in this I only can give you a link of software whick i`m using for simple editing (like add callouts or something like this), BUT if you import your mp4 video file you can easily publish it in any video of flash format…
and the other thing. if you dont have a codec for your mp4, download it here bcoz mp4 format is not so common, so try it this way.

i can only suggest this. there is an opportunity to test this tool for free and if you will like it you can use it anytime, i mean this s a quite a useful tool for anyone. so i hope you i helped you… :flower:
this tool called presentavid and its HERE
good luck to ya :iagree:

Check those, they are free.