Conversion speeds slower with new beta

could someone comfirm that using generic profile avi (xvid + mp3) that the conversion speed has dropped significantly? with ver. i was getting anywhere from 180 to well over 200 fps and now with the new beta i’m not even getting 50 fps. the rip speeds have increased but now the conversion speed varies from 30 to 50 fps. :rolleyes:

Need to know your settings (screen size, framerate and bits/pixel) to try it. I don’t normally use this profile.

//EDIT// There does appear to something wrong here, because the h254 codec runs faster for me than the xvid (should never be true for the same settings). Also, I know that when I have tried this before with avi/xvid/audiocopy @480x20?, 23.97fps, .25b/p, it ran at welll over 100fps, now is more like 70. I did get a slight improvement changing the memory allocation setting from Auto to MAX, but not much. May be the updated codecs haven’t settled in well yet.

ok yeah i just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something with my rig because also i always had “enable turbo cpu” enabled but now it doesn’t max it out according to my windows sidebar cpu meter…it would be just a guessing game for me at this point as to what it is glad you checked this because i know you know more about this than me and might can explain this to Fengtao and/or Ting better than i could lol (if you would)?
THANKYOU Signals !!

You are welcome! I sent Ting a link to this thread. My friend Amiga Freak also reported very slow mobile conversions (6-8 fps) with an older AMD CPU in the release notes thread.


Thanks for report this problem, I am working for this.

Hope can find where is the problem quickly.

The problem is still present in some of the newest release codecs. frame rates in the 50’s for m4v codec… when they should be 150+ on my rig

E8500 @ 3.4Ghz
G45 chipset
8GB ram
Win Vista x64
latest version of dvd fab