Conversion speed increase?


I have a rather old Athlon processor converting my videos to iPod H.264 using DVD Fab Platnium. I am happy with the output, but using a 2-pass conversion, it takes me around 3 hours to convert one movie.

Just wondering if those of you with faster motherboards and processors are getting a much better conversion time. What sort of times are you getting for 2-pass H.264 conversions?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade my computer?

Thanks in advance.

Using an H.264+MP3 profile, framerate set to Same as Source and 480x270 screen on XP SP3 T60 notebook (2 GHz Dual Core, 4GB RAM) I get conversion rates of about 47 fps. This is single pass, but 2-pass does not add too much to the overall time (or output quality IMO). To evaluate how your machine is doing, look at the fps conversion rate rather than the total time. You can tweak this process in Common Settings->DVD to Mobile->Generic using the memory allocation drop down. The highest conversion speed does not necessarily come from the highest setting but rather the one that suits your system configuration the best. Experiment using two or three chapters at a time rather than entire movies.

On My Dell D630 & D830 I am getting the same as signals using vista 32 bit. Both my laptops are T7500(2.2ghz) core2duo’s. One with 4gb of mem and video card, and other with 2gb of mem. I also have a Dell 9150 running vista with a Pentium D 930(3ghz) and 3gb of memory with video card that is only about 1-2 fps on avg lower it seems. All though, the processor in the desktop max’s out quite easily where the laptops are close, but not quite.