Conversion Software

Which software converts faster Convertxtodvd or dvd2svcd? which produces better quality product? is dvd2svcd hard to use? also i have the free version of convertxtodvd and i notices that during the conversion process the program uses almost 100% of my computers resources. could this be bad for my computer being that it would be running like that for hours on end?

you will find that all video/dvd conversion programs are prossesor intense, using up to 100%, the speed has alot to do with your pc buid…cpu,memory, front bus speed ect… there are alot of proggs that offer poor to good quallity, also depending on the guallity and speed of you system, if you have under 500 MHZ on the front side bus your pushing the bottom end of speed and perfomance, also over heat is a risc. an addition…a conversion program for speed with decent quallity, I feel that 30 to 70 frames per sec is reasonable to achieve both good quallity and decent speed. to fast will sacrafice quallity…

As long as your cpu has good ventilation you should be fine. Anytime your cpu is running under full load it does get hotter so just make sure nothing is blocking your fans. Get a can of air make sure your blow the dust out of your case every now and then. As far as ease of use, i’ve never used anything easier than convertx and it’s probably the fastest too.