Conversion Software .wma to .mp3



I hope I have the right forum, I want to convert some .wma files to .mp3 files so that a portable audio device I have will recognize them, it doesn’t want to “see” .wma files for some reason. It is a Garmin Nuvi 750 which also plays .mp3 between speaking the turns to you.

Also I had a few videos that were .avi that I would like to convert to .wma.

Is there any program out there that is safe, reliable and preferably free?



Here’s the list of converters shown over at videohelp when you plug in .wma to mp3:

AVI is a video format. Do you want to go to .wma or mp3 with them? You can get the audio off using Virtualdub. That will give you a .wav file which you can then convert. DAudioK should be able to handle this, but I’ve never had much luck with it.

ac3Tool can go from .wav to .mp3 if that is the conversion you want.


There are actually quite a few programs that meet this demand now. I found a good article on it at WMA MP3