Conversion probs

Hi I am new here.
I have been converting old VHS tapes to AVI and now I am trying to convert them to DVD with Convertx to DVD 3 and all was fine till this last batch. I have tried to convert twice and I get the same error at the end of the conversion… conversion failed … List index out of bounds…

What does this mean? and how can I stop it from happening?
thanks muchly
soulman at home

Some users seem to have had a few corrupted register keys.

They uninstalled ConvertXtoDVD, deleted the ConvertXtoDVD Related keys in HKLocal Machine and in HKCurrent User.

Rebooted, reinstalled ConvertXtoDVD Fresh, reset all their settings, and got rid of the error.

Try converting one of your .avi’s that converted successfully before.
If it no longer converts properly, try uninstalling/reinstalling your conversion problem.
Or, you could download SUPER (all cap. letters) which will convert anything to anything else:

Cool will check out all ideas thanks all