Conversion Problem

:a :a I’m new at this but here’s the problem I’m running into. After converting avi file to dvd, using vso software (Divx to Dvd), I burn the dvd using same software. Problem is, dvd will play on computer but not my Sony dvd player. The message my Sony gives me is as follows: “Playback Prohibited by area limitation”. At first I thought maybe I was burning too many files on dvd but that was not the case (3.4GB). The problem is also not consistent. Some work and some don’t. I also tried burning, using different software (Copy to DVD SE) to no avail. I then tried to isolate problem. Maybe it was the file(s) I was converting. I tried several, same result. I’m confused and fustrated. Does anybody have a solution? Oh, I also used different blank media also, same problem.

Message is a bit cryptic but are you burning to a region code different that your own?

btw) I don’t use that software so don’t know if it has the option to set the region code

There are no region codes in such conversions. What disc format are you using +/-?

Considering it is a Sony player you may not be able to play DVDRs a coupld of my friends have Sony players and they won’t play them, though they also have one of the cheeper generic brands like Pacific which will play the discs.

I have a sony and they can be very picky about what discs they play. What media are you using (brand name)? What type of disk is it (+R, -R)? The media can make a bigger difference than you think.

Thanks Jay, I’m using DVD-R, and I also have another DVD player (Samsung). The DVD’s don’t play in either. Also I’ve tried different media. Some work and some don’t.There does not appear to any connection to the type of media or the player. There must be something wrong with the files I’m converting. I just converted and burned a copy of Godfather 2 and it worked fine. But when I try it on another file I get the same problem. I’m still confused.

I also tried to play them on my samsung and the same issue. The media I’m using works with some movies and not others. DVD-R ( TDK, Phillips and Memorex, all 8X). There does not seem to be a problem with either the media or DVD players. I’m thinking its the files (but then why some and not others?) thanks for your reply. Will check back later.

Samsung make high end players too. It is not just Sony that seems to have a problem. I have noticed through experience with friends players that a number of the high end (read expensive) players have problems playing copied discs, whereas the entry level (read cheap) ten to be able to play almost everything thrown at them.

I have a mid range (well it was mid range 4 years ago) DVD player and it can play everything I throw at it, a few of my friends have a Pacific one that cost them £24 it plays everything, and the ones that have high end players are the ones having troubles. If you have friends with a cheap DVD players try the discs out in them and see what happens.

Also the software used can cause problems. When I first started converting avis, I used Roxio it would play fine in some DVD players but not others. I then went over to using Mainconcept and TMPGEnc DVD Author and have had no problems since. Though again the friends with Sony players are still having problems.

The names you mentioned aren’t realy considered the best media wise, if you can get some Verbatims and try them. If you can try some TYs you can get them from a number of online supplieres, though tis info will be somewhere in the description as they are not a brand but a dye manufacturer.