Conversion of Format Question

I think i am using too many tools to do what i want to…

I have windows media center that saves movies on TV in DVR-MS format.
I want to burn them to work on my home DVD player.
Currently im using the programs in this order.

Digital Media converter (to encode DVR-MS to MPG)
TMPGENC3xp (To switch over from MPG to MPG)
for some reason i need to do this because digital media converter is not recording in the proper format of 25 FPS with 720x480
TMPGEnc DvD Author (to swap the MPG file to Video+Audio TS Folders)
Nero (To burn the data files onto a dvd successfully)

This seems like one too many steps. and it takes a HELL of a long time to do the first 2 steps. like hours…
If anyone knows of any good ways to avoid doing it teice, please post and let me know :sad:

Your mix, if it results in decent playback looks pretty dead on. you could eliminate the last 3 with a program like cybervisions power producer suite. I will take that recoded mpg and make into a dvd file structure all in one step (vob, ifo,etc), but on my athalonxp, a 600 meg mpg still takes an hour or more.

aomesome thanks for the reply, ill give that cybervisions power producer suite a shot and see how it turns out :slight_smile:

ok, so i cant find cybervisions power producer for the life of me lol. any links?

sorry friend…cyberlink, my bad…they make powerdvd. i’m not a real fan of all in one programs, but have had good luck with this for my small projects…:slight_smile:

to be honest…the only reason I tried the software to begin with is it came as + bundled with a capture card I bought. transcoding mpgs to dvd’s seems to be it’s strong point…:slight_smile:

Hmm… are we sure there isn’t a plugin for TMPGEnc to make it read that DVR-MS format? That way you could eliminate the FIRST step.

But yes, converting from MS’s format (which is undoubtedly some WMP codec inside a WMV or AVI wrapper) to MPG will in fact take quite a long time.

TMPGEnc is not the speediest program in the world, either. You could consider Mainconcept instead, it’s MUCH faster - although a bit trickier to tweak.

Cinemacraft or Procoder, of course, are THE programs of choice (they produce the BEST results), but both are pricey. Procoder is a SNAP to use though.

CCE would be the fastest for you, followed by Mainconcept and Procoder, but ALL are an order of magnitude faster than TMPGenc.

However, if money is an issue and you’ve already bought TMPGEnc, I’d definitely look into whether you can go directly from the DVR-MS to the correct format MPG in one step. :wink:

I fouind the best tool to use

Dvdsanta 4.00 does dvr-ms - Video/audio ts folders. takes about an hour, burn takes 11 min. Done. period…

Quality is FANTASTIC!

I’ve heard of this tool…would like to try it out, but unfortunatly, not made to run on 98se…:slight_smile:

You do know TMPGEnc DVD author does have its’ own burning programme? I use it without a problem.

As Gurm said MC is faster, though I do use both MC and TMPGEnc encoders, as occassionally there is a file MC won’t do properly but comes out perfect through TMPGEnc. MC does have a free trial if you want to see if it is worth paying for. I wouldn’t be without it personally.

TMPGEncAuthor is a good choice IMO.

You guys are awesome… I was checking out Nero, Ulead, Adobe DVD authoring programs when I started getting error codes from my XP MCE Click2DVD and DvGate Plus software, but none can convert dvr-ms, which would be a great addition to their software. Now to the tech forum. Maybe they can solve this dang MCE error I keep getting when trying to edit or burn TV shows recorded with Media Center. Thx Again. BTW, for those of you not having problems with Windows Media Center and wanting to edit and compress your recordings right from within Media Center, try this link. It will let you edit out the commercials and compress the dvr-ms file in one easy step, after which you can burn the program. I have found it takes about 10-20 minutes to edit the cuts into one file and another 15-20 minutes to compress it for burning based on a one hour program. Best of all it FREEWARE!!!

Digital Media converter (to encode DVR-MS to MPG)

I have used this program also, and it almost 24 hours to encode a 2 hour program. :disagree:

I get an error message with Dcut. When I try to install it, it says “There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or vendor.” Then it backs out of the install.

How can I get in touch with Dan? (the Dcut guy)