Conversion of audio cds

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I would like to know which is the best format to convert audio CDs and Store in the Hard Disk. There should be no quality loss in any respect. Even wav, wma and other popular formats has some quality as well as quantity loss.

Please suggest me THE BEST format.

Also let me know the advisable size of the Hard Disk to store more songs, as well as easily retrieveable, portable etc.
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A.Senthilkumar ([removed)

[QUOTE=asenthil;2482237]There should be no quality loss in any respect. Even wav, wma and other popular formats has some quality as well as quantity loss.[/QUOTE]

Uncompressed WAV is essentially the format that audio CDs use, so you won’t lose any quality if you keep to this format; the disadvantage is that the music will be the same data size as the CD which means you’ll run out of space quickly.

I suggest that you use Exact Audio Copy for the transfer and use the FLAC format (free lossless audio codec) for archiving the music and then convert to mp3 (lossy) for use on mp3 players/other devices if required.

Buy as much hard drive space as you need; 1Tb drives can be picked up very cheaply these days.



If buying additional hard drive space isn’t a problem storing the audio files as uncompressed WAV is “practical”

Yeah, in theory a CD is 702Mb of data, but in practice they average a bit under 500Mb, so that 1TB drive will store ~2000 Music CD’s

The passion for avoiding quality loss is nice, but in practical terms
anyone who believes they can tell the difference by ear between a
high bitrate mp3 file and the parent wav source needs to reduce their dietary intake of ligumes.

I’d just recommend that if you choose to do so either run
a (atleast) a pair of drives in a RAID-1 configuiration

or be prepared to duplicate all your work at some future date.


Even with the ‘cheap’ cost of HDD’s today it (AFAIC) makes sense to rip and store to flac or any other lossless format for archiving…At ~65% of an original wav size, that’s some valuable real estate saved on them there HDD’s…Wav ‘normally’ doesn’t support tags, and frankly the wav files are just too big IMO)…From tagged flacs you can convert to another lossless format or a lossy format of your choice, while easily carrying-over the tags…If all goes smoothly, you shouldn’t have to ever touch/re-rip your CDs again…
And if you [I]must[/I] have wav(s), the flac(s) can easily and quickly be decoded/uncompressed to wav…same difference, no quality loss…
JM2cents worth…:slight_smile:

FLAC is highly recommended for its lossless quality, and it’s not proprietary like WMA. WMA also has lossless option. Either way you get a lossless file which could be converted back to the real WAV.
If you want to keep the original WAV, and to reduce its size, use Winrar’s best-solid compression to reduce by 35-50%, no conversion to any other format. Ifcourse you cannot listen to a rar file unlike a FLAC file.
Lossy go with MP4 instead of MP3.