Conversion help please

Hi, All

Ok i need some help on encoding (s)vcd to dvd.

Here’s what i do, … I have 2 svcd’s so i use VcdGear to extract the mpeg
files and now i have part 1 and part 2 as mpeg, now i use Video Joiner to join them up and now i have one mpeg around 1.4gig. ok now sometimes the sound can be a little off like the mouths moving but the sound coming a second or 2 out… normally the 2nd half of the film, which is weird because the part 2.mpeg (before its joined)works fine and is not out, Which is also the same for the Bin & cue file. Ok going back to the 1.4gig file which is mpeg, now what i do here is use DvdSanta to convert it to Dvd, But what happens instead is the film is like a picture show skipping. the sound is fine and continus. I can convert Avi files through DvdSanta with ease just the joined mpeg files and stuff are a prob.
So any ideas ?
Do i need more codec’s ?? i use Klite245f
Is dvdsanta compatible with a big mpeg file like more then 1 gig ?

Big thanks to anyone who helps :iagree:
PS. i have a AMD Athlon 2200+ XP
1gig of DDR333 PC2700
128meg Graphic Card.
WinXP SP2 Corp Edition (works fine!) :bigsmile:

I saw that post b4, that one is about converting without encoding.
i need to encode… thx anyway

Try using main concept to convert the two seperate files and use the batch ecnode option to join them.

I’ve never used batch encode before is there a walkthrough or could you run it down for me please ? thx :cool:

ps. i use DvdSanta because the quality is better then WinAVI as WinAVI was a little blocky on the dark areas. is there batch encode in DvdSanta ?, as i cant find main concept for download :frowning:

Main concept is purcahse software. Try their website, I think there is a trial version, but as I own the full I cant remember truely if trial is available. TMPGEnc also batch encodes to a single file, there is a trial version of that though be warned it is slow.

heheheh , i have serials for all the Main Concept, but which one are you referring to ?

Mpeg Encoder
Main Concept Mpeg Pro
EVE v2
Main Concept PVR

Ok the picture thingy was codec probs… sorted that with havin all-in-one-codec-pack… but the sound is out wen i convert that big mpeg file to dvd through dvdsanta… any takers ?

Be sure they aren’t illegal! So that you bought the software. 'cause we ( don’t like people who are using illegal software! :cop: