Conversion glitchy w/ dvd2one, fine w/ IC7, any *reasonable* advice requested

(note: sorry if my original subject seems a lil brash… this is just annoying…, any help is appreciated, thanks)

i’ve tried converting several dvd’s w/ dvd2one, and ic7, no matter which disc (and this is playing them off the HD right after conversion too), the dvd2one’s always have atleast 1-2 noticeable mpeg glitches in them, while the IC7 versions do not, i can burn them to dvd, play them on my dvd player, and see the same as i did playing off the HDD… setup is, an 1ghz athlon, 1.5G memory, 60G HD space, GeForce256, and win2k… any insight is appreciated (cuz while ic7 does a really good job, i hate waiting 3+ hours for the conversion :confused: ), and i’d love to be able to put my support behind dvd2one